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100 Fresh Deals

2005-04-22 23:44
35% to 80% off on everytiong

2004-12-07 16:01
Free Online Coupons - Amazon, Dell, Old Navy,

Marketing World News

2005-01-28 00:19

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2004-12-08 20:55

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2004-11-17 18:43
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Article: Dynamic RSS feeds using PHP, MySQL and Apache

2004-10-19 12:12
Dynamic RSS feeds using PHP, MySQL and Apache By Tiffany B. Brown

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rss feed moving (berwick advertiser)

2010-10-18 07:01
we are about to release our new site with a new look, feel and structure. part of this release will involve the creation of new rss feeds and the decommissioning of the current ones. please take a moment to review the beta site at . for an uninterrupted service you will need to visit the new site after we go live and subscribe to ...

lim guan eng: time for us to stand up with dignity to save the nation

2012-02-24 19:01
filled under: election , news , politics | you can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 2.0 feed.

teacher, coach accused of spanking students in york co.

2011-12-02 10:00
a york county teacher is facing charges after allegations that he spanked some of his male middle school students.

new rss feed links for herald & review blogs

2010-11-04 19:01
the herald & review blogs have been upgraded.

news anchor 2 reads rss feeds aloud in "news show" style

2011-02-01 01:01
basil salad software will be releasing a new version of their hands-free rss feed read-aloud program, news anchor v2, in the forthcoming mac app store. the program packages news stories gathered from rss or atom feeds into a faux-news program, complete with talking anchor-person (male or female) and accompanying images so that users can listen or watch news headlines while doing other tasks suc...

kaktus brings netvibes to symbian

2014-07-23 22:00
continuing the flow (ok, trickle!) of new applications for symbian in 2014, kaktus is an unofficial client for the netvibes rss feed reading system and includes a full offline mode, so you can read feeds on the underground (etc.)

jacory harris to miss virginia tech game?

2010-11-14 22:01
injury update: coach randy shannon said sunday that um will take "baby steps'' with QB Jacory Harris, so he likely will sit out his third game because of a concusssion. TE Asante Cleveland (head), CB Lee Chambers (lower extremity) and WR Allen Hurns (upper extremity) are questionable after sitting out Saturday.

gop convention attendee throws nuts at black camerawoman

2012-08-29 13:01
*an attendee at the republican national convention in tampa on tuesday allegedly threw nuts at a black camerawoman working for cnn and said "This is how we feed animals" before being tossed from the building. [subscribe to eurweb's rss feed] the cnn official declined to provide specific details, but confirmed the incident to taking points [...]

create rss feeds for google+ profiles [rss]

2011-07-31 13:01
# rss for those who prefer using feed readers to streamline their online consumption, you can now follow individual google+ user streams via rss feeds using a webapp called, simply, google plus feed. more "

gabrielle giffords tells abc of ‘difficult’ recovery in first television interview

2011-11-11 16:01
americans on monday will get their first chance to see rep. gabrielle giffords speak since she was shot in the head in january during a shooting attack in tucson, ariz.-- and the story she and husband mark kelly tell is one of miraculous recovery. giffords can be seen laughing and smiling as the couple--who co-authored [...]

follow brighthand on rss or twitter

2011-03-11 10:01
brighthand offers an rss feed with links to its recent news stories, reviews, and editorials.

get 50gb of idrive android cloud storage for 99 cents

2014-04-09 16:00
that's not 99 cents per day or even per month -- that's 99 cents for an entire year. and every year after that.


2011-08-26 04:01
class 5a sa central vs. killeen shoemaker (n) class 4a tascosa 15, palo duro 12 lubbock estacado 40, plainview 0 class 1a panhandle 32, springlake-earth 29 six-man hedley at lefors 57, hedley 42 darrouzett 50, follett jv 0 summary:  class 5a sa central vs. rss feed: 

justices halt balentine's Wednesday execution

2011-06-15 22:01
huntsville, texas (ap) - condemned prisoner john balentine won a reprieve from the u.s. supreme court on wednesday, about an hour before he could have been taken to the texas death chamber for killing three teenagers at a home in amarillo more than 13 years ago. rss feed:  read more

google reader inline opens articles inside of google reader, no new tabs required [video]

2012-05-03 16:01
# chromeextensions chrome: most of you use rss regularly , but also note it's pretty annoying to stumble on an rss feed that truncates the article for the sole purpose of getting you to click the link and leave your rss reader. we feel your pain, and google reader inline is a chrome extension that lets you read the full article without leaving google reader to do it. more "

bank of america employee hit in the head by purse snatcher

2011-01-28 16:01
police say a woman was hit in the head by a purse snatcher while waiting at the light rail station in charlotte's South End area Thursday morning.

election 2014 rss feed

2014-05-17 22:00
the disgraced former mp neil hamilton is running for councillor in the may local elections. the ukip deputy chairman will stand in st mary’s park where he has lived for 35 years.

well-dressed bank robber is foiled by teller

2012-01-27 22:01
a man with a note and who was wearing a suit and tie tried to rob an indian land bank on friday afternoon, deputies said.

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